Consultants from the Department of Labour visit businesses on a regular basis to determine whether the business meets all the legal requirements.  Usually a consultant will visit the business to make an appointment that suites both of you.  The consultant will give you a list of requirements and information that will be needed for the appointment.

Please note that employee contracts are confidential and you are under no obligation to supply copies of these to the consultant.  Everything must only be available for the appointment.

The following documents/evidence is usually what is required:

  • Employee contracts
  • Salary slips of employees
  • Attendance registers
  • The basic conditions of employment must be at a central spot at the workplace; eg a poster against the wall.
  • Proof of latest UIF return and payment thereof.
  • Proof of UIF registration – not the PAYE registration but the registration number at UIF offices.
  • Proof of registration with the Compensation Commissioner and latest payment thereof.

The purpose of the visit is to determine if each employee is registered for UIF.  They usually request a UI-19 for all employees who are not on their system.  The UIF offices usually also request a summary of the salaries for the last 3 years for each employee.

We offer assistance to our clients to bring and keep the above-mentioned documents up to date.

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Contributed by: Sonja Steenkamp, Professional Accountant SA, Professional Tax Practitioner SA

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