Currently many of our clients are experiencing the frustration in getting SARS to pay their refund.  The normal time frame for refunds and reviews is as follows:  When the income tax return is submitted the return could be accepted with or without a review.  When a review is required we will upload the necessary documentation as soon as possible.  SARS then have 21 working days to do the review and the refund should be done within 21 working days after the review was finalised.

Currently SARS has stopped refunds if certain criteria are met.  We refer to the attached memo from SARS.  When our offices follow up on the process of a client’s refund, we are informed that the taxpayer will have to go to SARS to validate their bank account details at SARS.  Unfortunately you the taxpayer would have to go to SARS yourself.

When you as taxpayer go to SARS to validate your banking details, please make sure you have the correct documentation with you.

  • Original ID document AND a certified copy of the ID
  • Original Letter from bank to confirm banking details, not older than 3 months
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months, original stamps of bank on it
  • Then all the review documents that have been uploaded already must go with this again, we will supply you with this documents
  • Documents to proof your address. Download the document– showing what SARS will accept for this.