The 2018 filing season has started on 1 of July 2018. The deadlines for 2018 year are as follows:

  • 31 October 2018: for all non-provisional taxpayers; and
  • 31 January 2019: for all provisional taxpayers

Not all taxpayers have to submit a return. The following persons do not have to submit a return.

  • When your gross annual salary for the 2018 tax year, does not exceed R350 000, and
  • you have only one employer, thus only one IRP5, (if you have for an example a salary and a pension income and together it does not exceed R350 000 per year, you still have to complete a return)
  • You do not receive any allowances for example travel allowance
  • You do not want to claim a deductible expense, for example, medical expenses or annuity fund contributions
  • You do not receive interest more than R23 800, when you are below 65 years or R34 500, when you are 65 years and older.

We urge all our clients, who have to submit a return, to get the correct information ready and send it to our offices as soon as possible. When collecting your information, the following supporting documentation is of utmost importance.

  • IRP 5/IT 3 certificates for salaries, pension funds, and investment income
  • Medical aid tax certificates
  • If any medical expenses were paid, which were not covered by a medical aid, the invoice as well as the receipt of payment must be kept.
  • Annuity certificates
  • Rental income and expenditure including interest paid on the bond
  • Logbook for when you receive travel allowance or drive a company vehicle
  • Proof of section 18A donations
  • Proof of any capital gains for example when selling a property
  • Proof of any other income that you might have received