Staff members of our office recently attended a roadshow of the RMA.   The Rand Mutual Assurance covers all business’ in the Mine, Steel and Motor Union sectors.  The effect is that business’s that falls in this category no longer submits returns at the WCA.

The yearly returns, as well as the claims for injuries on duty must be done online on the RMA’s website,  You can also contact them om 0860 222 132 or send an email to

Currently our personnel are busy identifying the clients that falls into this category.  All clients must then complete an power of attorney form, to give us permission to act as your agent and submit returns on your behalf.

All business’s that register with the RMA, will receive an new registration number.  All returns and payments must be submitted and paid on 31 March 2017.

All outstanding debt at the Workmen’s Compensation Fund, must still be paid.  You can contact our offices if you need assistance on the allocations and method of payment.

When RMA received the annual return and payment thereof, a letter of good standing will be issued.  The total employees are also listed on the letter of good standing, as it is some cases required when tenders are done.

Arrangement for deferred payments can be arranged with the RMA’s office.


  • In Bloemfontein, an injured person can be taken to Rose Park Hospital as well as Medi Clinic
  • Always keep a WCL2, with all basic information already completed, as well as ‘n certified copy of the employee, on file. In the case of an injury, you only have to complete the details of the injury and this will save time. Please note that no changes is allowed on this form, even if it is signed.
  • All injuries must be reported
  • All injuries must be reported within 7 days. The following documents must be submitted online when a claim is registered; WCL1 form, certified ID copy of employee, WCL4C form
  • If the injured employee was driving a vehicle/truck and was injured in an accident on public road, an travel report must also be submitted
  • In the case of an assault or robbery, an assault report must also be completed and submitted with the registering of the claim
  • If the injury requires further treatment, an WCL 5 form must be complete with every medical consultation and then submitted to RMA
  • When treatment is finalise, the final medical report must be submitted
  • Claims is only valid for 2 years, from the date of injury up to the date of the final medical report